Are you truly listening to all your customers?

Spridz is software for better measuring & improving customer experience

Gather Real-time Email Feedback

Each team member gather real time customer satisfaction with a personal snippet, that you add to your email signature or helpdesk system.

Get Detailed Information and Statistics

Get all the important data you need to improve your team performance. Easy tracking, visualize and measure your customer happiness.

Attract New Customers

Set company goals and motivate your employees, happy employees make happy customers. Stand out from the crowd and attract new customers.

Take control of customer satisfaction in a few clicks

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Keep your team members motivated

Don’t just go by your intuition, but really depend on actual numbers! Statistics will provide you with information on how well your company is doing. Which employee is responsible for this, who should step up their game and where are the areas in need of improvement?


Real-time feedback, one click away

Is the client happy with your reply, is something still missing, is there room for improvement? These assessments are collected and translated into transparent data in your personal account, providing you with real insight into your performances.

Insight Of Your Services

Get actionable insights for your business and select your preferred time frames to report on.

  • 1250 Happy Customers ( 74 %)
  • 850 Satisfied Customers ( 74 %)
  • 600 Unhappy Customers ( 24 %)

Happy Customer Worldwide

We have customers worldwide and they are happy what Spridz offered them has revolutionized our entire company. Our revenue has doubled, and our employees have never been more motivated. We started out with 3 employees using our account. Within two weeks, all 54 of our employees had their own accounts. Many of our clients witnessed our success, and have created accounts for themselves as well. It has streamlined our customer support, a real pleasure to use.

Tom Jones
Super12 inc.

Prior to our engagement with Spridz, I felt that our organization was running on all cylinders. The sales team was working very hard, and financially we were doing very well, but ultimately we had no idea what our true potential was. After hearing from a friend, I decided to create an account. The results have been phenomenal. We have uncovered our weaknesses, and addressed them. We see the results in every aspect of our business.

Mike Hutckinson
XippiX Media

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