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Collect Real-time Customer Feedback

Team members receive real-time customer satisfaction ratings once their personalized widget in their email footers, messages or helpdesk system is clicked.

Get Detailed Information and Statistics

Receive crucial data insights that your business needs to improve your team’s performance. Easily track, visualize and measure customer happiness.

Attract New Customers

Set company goals and motivate your employees. Happy employees lead to happy customers. Stand out from the crowd and attract new customers.

Take control of customer satisfaction in just a few clicks

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Keep your team members motivated

Your business is more successful when your customers are happy. Creating a customer-centric workplace culture and regularly collecting customer feedback about your business is seamless using Spridz. Our real-time Dashboard helps you monitor performance and motivate your entire team to excel in Customer Satisfaction.


Real-time feedback, one click away

As soon as feedback is shared via a personalized Spridz widget team members receive real-time results visible in their dashboard and individual accounts. This data can easily be analyzed, providing you with real insights into your business and highliting areas of potential improvements.

Insights On Your Customer Service

Spridz SMARTalytics provide actionable insights that report customer satisfaction and NPS at a frequency that suits your business needs.

  • 1250 Happy Customers ( 74 %)
  • 850 Satisfied Customers ( 74 %)
  • 600 Unhappy Customers ( 24 %)

What Our Customers Say

Happy customers worldwide love to share their stories with us! has revolutionized our entire company. Our revenue has doubled, and our employees have never been more motivated. We started out with 3 employees only using our account. Within two weeks, all 54 of our employees had their own accounts. Many of our clients witnessed our success, and have created accounts for themselves as well. It has streamlined our customer support, a real pleasure to use.

Tom Jones
Super12 inc.

Prior to singing up to, my organization was running on all cylinders but had no grasp on how satisfied our customers were. The sales team was working very hard, and financially we were doing very well, but ultimately we had no idea what our true potential was. After hearing from a friend about Spridz, I decided to create an account. The results have been phenomenal.

Mike Hutckinson
XippiX Media

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