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“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will”

Age-old sayings warn us that in the absence of great service, we will lose our clients to the competition. Many companies believe that their clients are satisfied, but typically without being able to prove this objectively.

Most companies these days are data-driven. The bottom line is what matters most. How much profit does a particular investment yield? How much does a product truly cost? Customer satisfaction, on the other hand, is one of the very few subjective fields in the world of business.

Would you like to have direct, straightforward insight into how your organization performs when it comes to customer satisfaction?

This is exactly where the Spridz team can help. You want to see how you score in real time.

You also want to motivate your sales force quickly and effectively. Spridz.com has developed a system that will enable you to do just that, all while gathering relevant data from day one. The Spridz team is up for the challenge! How can we make your world better? How can we improve your lives? These are some of the question that drive us.

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At Spridz.com, we believe that everyone should be able to get answers from their customers.

  • Andrew Lendnal
    Andrew Lendnal

    CEO & Founder

  • Andrew Lendnal
    Pieter Jansen van Vuuren

    CTO & Founder

  • Andrew Lendnal
    Dr Sally Jansen van Vuuren


Happy Customer Worldwide

We have customers worldwide and they are happy what Spridz offered them

Spridz.com has revolutionized our entire company. Our revenue has doubled, and our employees have never been more motivated. We started out with 3 employees using our Spridz.com account. Within two weeks, all 54 of our employees had their own accounts. Many of our clients witnessed our success, and have created accounts for themselves as well. It has streamlined our customer support, a real pleasure to use.

Tom Jones
Super12 inc.

Prior to our engagement with Spridz, I felt that our organization was running on all cylinders. The sales team was working very hard, and financially we were doing very well, but ultimately we had no idea what our true potential was. After hearing from a friend, I decided to create an account. The results have been phenomenal. We have uncovered our weaknesses, and addressed them. We see the results in every aspect of our business.

Mike Hutckinson
XippiX Media

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