Your Customers are Your Business

Spridz makes it easy for you to know what your customers are thinking.

Customer satisfaction drives loyalty and growth in a compelling way!

Spridz uses a Widget with a simple link to a snippet of code that is pasted in the footer of your emails, messages or helpdesk systems.

In one click, your customers leave their satisfaction ratings and feedback about your business which triggers real-time actionable insights.

Customize your rating page

Customizing your feedback page is very intuitive, and you can make your page as appealing as you would like.

Changing items such as messaging, fonts, backgrounds and logos, is all very straightforward.

Count what matters most

Log in to your personal account and gain insight into your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

You will have a dashboard view of all your client satisfaction scores. The data is collected and updated automatically. Build and monitor use cases, and watch your scores soar!

The people who influence you are the people who believe in you

Managers have access to individual employees scores. Which team members excel, and which ones show areas for improvement?

Turn your teams into units that learn from one another, and that collectively aim to bring out the best in each individual.


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

Everything starts with better communication

Spridz Got More to Offer

Unless you have 100% customer must improve


Our reports are not just easy to use and interpret on your computer screen. Our reports can also be printed very easily, and are just as user-friendly in paper format during meetings.

Motivate your employees

Maintain control over your team. Motivate team members and encourage internal competition. Challenge individuals to improve their scores month to month, and establish team goals.

Comments & ratings

Be engaged with your customers. Who are your most satisfied customers and who is far from satisfied? Based on the comments gathered, you are able to act swiftly to improve your customer service.

Customize your feedback page

Design your comments page to reflect your organization’s style. We’ve made it easy to adhere to your corporate style guide, so you can provide a seamless experience for your customers.

Real-time analytics

Get all the important data you need to improve your team performance. Easy tracking, visualize and measure your customer happiness.

Easy to use

Spridz believes in simplicity. We only show you the data you need, in neatly designed reports. Data visualization is our priority, and we avoid displaying any irrelevant information. Less is more!

Take control of customer satisfaction in a few clicks

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