Simple and easy-to-use link

In order to determine your scores, simply add our unique link to your email footer.
Each user receives a unique link that enables feedback to be gathered.
Add your link today to your outgoing emails, and gain immediate access to your ratings and statistics.


Together we all achieve more

Establish your department as a team.
Adding users to your team is quick and easy and provides real-time insight into the customer
satisfaction ratings of your sales team, for example.

Benchmark your team’s performance and see how well it does compared to other teams.
Gauge the performance of individuals within your team as well.
Encourage competition, and challenge your team to outperform others.


Manage your team to the next level

As the manager of your team, you can analyze the data of your entire team.
Use the data in your discussions with your team members.
Be prepared to be amazed by how well the system works and how it spurs the growth of your team.

The system is accessible online, anywhere in the world.
This means that you have remote access to data and statistics about your team members worldwide!


Integrate with email, helpdesk or ticket system

To maximize our system’s potential, is designed to work with all the major email services and help desk/ticket systems (Like: Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Helpscout, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Desk and Salesforce).

At, we continuously update our software to ensure that our solution is compatible with the newest systems.
Our team members are standing by to help you with your system integration.


Take control of customer satisfaction in a few clicks

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